I'm Claudio Ruiz (Santiago, 1978). I'm a digital strategist, internet rights and open content advocate.

I'm interested in all what is related to the connection between digital space and human rights. I believe in the importance of openness, communities, and policy to create better digital ecosystems.


Currently, I'm Director of Ecosystem Strategy work at Creative Commons, the global non-profit well known as the global standard for free and open licensing online. I work there on global strategies, policy and networks (made of people).

Formerly, I founded Derechos Digitales (2003-2016), an independent nonprofit digital rights organisation in Latin America. I was its Executive Director for over ten years and now I serve as a member of the Board of Directors.


I live in Santiago, Chile.

I've been channeling my curiosity in different ways, being music one of the ones I love the most. I've been a music critic in the past and I co-hosted a radio show called Super45 for more than seven years sharing sweet indie music and doing interviews to musicians and producers twice a week at Radio Zero.

Here you can read a little bit more about me, and, you can always request my CV over email in case you are interested in that. I also have a not very updated blog and an awesome newsletter. It's called Canciones Buenas, and I'm pretty sure you should be suscribed <3.


In case you want to reach me out, the easiest way to do it is just dropping an email at claudio[at]claudioruiz.com or reply me at @claudio on twitter